a little about hello world photography


i! Thanks for showing interest in my photography.

I’m a Northwest TN newborn photographer, with the studio currently being located in Troy, TN.

Photographing newborns, new moms and babies- its my passion, and feels as natural as my next heartbeat. I do, however, photograph families and the occasional wedding.

My love for documentary began in High School, upon being accepted into the school’s news broadcast team, where we put together film for news stories, skits, just-for-fun things, and we presented the finished product to the school cafeteria once a month.

I remember being so consumed in the production, and would have the happy jitters shaking throughout me, as the audience watched what I and others had worked so hard on. I participated in that program all four years of high school, and looking back now, it’s really the only thing that stands out in my memory.

I put that knowledge on a “shelf”, as I graduated and went on to pursue the call that God has put on my life by obtaining a degree in Early Childhood Education. This is where my love for photography, and my love for babies collides. After I had babies of my own, I came to a point where I wanted to chase after those production jitters again.

I wanted to pour my heart and soul into documenting someone’s story, and shake with excitement when they open it up to see. I live for my work creating happy tears, announcements to the world, big prints on family mantels, profile pictures, and Christmas gifts.

I love my clients like family, and I love that I am able to document the most exciting moments.

Personally, I am an old soul. Rainy days, 4pm coffee, my dogs, and documentaries are some of life's indulgent pleasures for me. I tend to lean toward wanting a quiet, private life, and I'm not really a huge fan of social media, (which puts me in an tough spot with a job like this.) Thankfully though, I have clients that post most of my work for me. My family and my kiddos are most important to me. They make life worth living.