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Northwest Tennessee newborn photography - Closing out a great 2020.

All of the sweet 2020 newborn babies that have blessed my business this year.

Woah. What a year it has been.

We all know the chaos that 2020 has brought with it. the divide, the pandemic, the conspiracy theories. It seemed like no matter where we turned, there was a problem. Something bad. Something scary. something unsure.


but then, we had the babies. We got to see brand new life come into the world. A world, even as crazy as it is, they are oblivious. They do not care. It makes no difference to them the current events. All they know is love. They make us slow down. They make us re-evaluate. They make us see how complicated we have really made things. They bring us back down to earth. They show us what truly matters. So innocent and impressionable, they make us change who we are for the better.

Sweet 2020 babies, you are such special souls.

A chosen Generation.

And I'm so grateful to have captured you in you purest form.

#helloworldphotog #obioncountynewbornphotography



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